Chia seeds health benefits and use in winter

Chia seeds, this little seed is a miracle - why it's a super food, they're packed with calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium to strengthen your bones, and then to strengthen your heart. I have omega-3 fatty acids, there are a few things that have a great source of them, one of them is the chia seeds, yes I'm talking about the chia seeds -

Chia seeds health benenits and use in winter
Chia seeds health benefits and use in winter

Then there are many antioxidants in it-

Chlorogenic acid,

Caffeic acid,

Kaempferol acid,


chia seeds benefits

What do they all do, first of all, they prevent cancer, eliminate free radicals or oxidative stress in the body, in addition, they bring down the sugar level, control blood pressure, weight. are too great to reduce,

Chia seeds are great for skin and hair, they absorb so much water that you don't get constipated. There are 4 things that come out of plants.

chia seeds,




Now that the weather is changing, people have started saying that they used to drink syrup in summer, chia seeds is cold, now what will you do in winter, sir, now winter is coming, take 2 spoons of chia seeds. Don't do anything, just put it in your mouth and drink the water, it will go inside the stomach and swell by itself.

chia seeds in water

The second thing is that if you want to improve it for food, soak it in water, it becomes fruit, and then put it in milk, put it on yogurt, put it on fruit or put it on food or put it on rice. You can eat comfortably, it's your choice whether the weather is hot or cold, you can eat.

Note that this is a winter recipe, take 2 spoons of chia seeds and put it in warm milk and keep it for 30 minutes and then drink it, and if you also add a spoonful of turmeric in it, it makes a golden syrup which is weight loss. Chia seeds is the best thing to do to strengthen bones, prevent cancer, strengthen your bones with chia seeds, strengthen your heart, reduce obesity, prevent cancer, control sugar and blood pressure, use chia seeds. -

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